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Posted on April 10, 2012 by admin

Is Your Website a Welcome Mat?
Marketing Your Website Benefits Your Business

Ask yourself a question and answer honestly. Which of this is the impression presented by your web site:


If your website really tells people to go away, you’re losing business. In a global economy, with the Internet as your gateway to worldwide commerce, every customer is important. Even if you’re website says, “Welcome,” if people can’t find it, you’re still losing business.

You’ve known that a successful marketing campaign generates more interest and more customers, but have you ever thought about how marketing your website will do the same thing? With the millions of websites out there on the Internet, you may feel like a successful website marketing strategy is hopeless.

Luckily, website development and promotion are two of the services mastered by Technology System Integrator! Our technical staff will provide you options and implement your choices, while our business development team will assist you in getting the best Internet presence that your budget allows.

Consider these questions and strategies that you can ask and/or put in place right away:

· Does your website contain the keywords needed to generate “hits” on search engines?
· Where are your keywords located? Just like real estate, it really is “location, location, location!”
· Think globally but write locally. Many customers are drawn to businesses near them. Does every page of your website contain your local address? In larger cities, does it list the section of the city?
· Do you have links to other business interests on your website? Do those websites have a link to yours?
· Does your website have an icon that allows viewers to quickly make the website a bookmark?
· Does your website have eye appeal? If it has an imbedded sound file, is it a pleasant sound?

If your business passed the test, congratulations! If your business came up short in some areas, Technology System Integrator, an industry leader in tech support, is ready to put your website to work for you!

Still not convinced? E-commerce expert Scott Bateman holds that an effective website marketing plan will drive lots of traffic to your website. TSI’s team approach treats each website marketing campaign as an opportunity to re-establish your business’s Internet presence and make certain that you have a highly visible welcome mat. From website development to retooling to our valuable search engine optimization resources, TSI is your business solutions specialist!

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