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Tips to Avoid Computer Repair: TSI Tech Support New York

Posted on February 26, 2012 by admin

The cost of computer repairs in New York can be prohibitively expensive. Learning how to avoid some common pitfalls is a good way to save money on these computer repairs. In Las Vegas, the savings can add up fast.


Typical tasks you can expect to perform during the life of your computer include:

Backing up your data before adding either hardware components or software programs. Schedule automated backups in Windows 7 through the control panel.


• Learn your way around the control panel because it is where many other critical tasks can be performed. Simply click on the start menu and look for the control panel on the list to the right.


• Learn how to use the problem steps recorder. Type these three words into the field called search programs and files. This field is located in the start menu, and it will appear as soon as you click.


The problem steps recorder allows you to start recording the movements of your mouse by clicking the red button. You can add a comment anytime during the recording. A pop-up dialogue box will ask you to highlight the problem area on the screen. As you stop recording, you will be prompted to name the file and save it anywhere on your hard drive. This file can be emailed to a support technician.


This process will help you avoid needless computer repairs in New York

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